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Wandering is the result of a combination of all the species of plants named collectively as “Wandering Jew” in various languages. The legend of the Wandering Jew, a character of the narrative that has been part of the oral tradition of Passion Week since the 8th century, associates Jews with the martyrdom of Jesus Christ […]

Flora Rebellis

This series of generative videos was produced with Artificial Intelligence based on datasets of plants with offensive and prejudiced names for women, Blacks, Jews, indigenous people, Roma, Sinti and Caló (“gypsies”). Flora Rebellis is based on a technique conceived by the English scientist Francis Galton (1822- 1911), creator of eugenics, to photographically synthesize the generic […]

Flora Mutandis

Flora Mutandis

This series of images was created using Artificial Intelligence, by crossing plant species with offensive common and/or scientific names that express different types of prejudice associated with body parts and cultural traits. The nomenclature of the species of the series Flora Mutandis was generated algorithmically, based on a shuffling of the original names of the […]


Taxonomy is a technology of power

Botannica Tirannica is punctuated by a series of phrases that serve as traces left by the extensive research carried out for the exhibition. Situated in openings in the walls, at floor height, in the interior and the exterior of the garden area, and at the exit of the exhibition, they abridge potential keys to understanding […]

A Genalogy of Prejudice

The essay film combines images from different archives with critical reflection and condenses the vast research conducted over a year and a half for the exhibition Botannica Tirannica. A key piece of the project, the work discusses the forms through which racial, cultural, and gender prejudice has become scientifically based since the 19th century, ultimately […]

Garden of Resilience

The Garden of Resilience is a garden composed of various species of plants, mostly “weeds”, with offensive, misogynist, racist and anti-Semitic names. Resilient and resistant, these species challenge the colonialist imagination present in the process of classification and domination of nature, in confrontation with nomenclature that anthropomorphizes human characteristics, gender binarism, and prejudices.


Every Weed is a Rebellious Being

If one had to sum up Botannica Tirannica in a single phrase, it would be: “Every weed is a rebellious being”. In summarizing the defiance and resilience in play in the exhibition, the phrase condenses the prerogatives of the project and the exhibition. Like the sorts of weed cursed by colonial extractivism, the phrase spills out […]

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