Botannica Tirannica was one of the featured artworks of the 3rd Karachi Biennale, by invitation of Faisal Anwar, curator of this venue. Due to Dengue epidemia restrictions, we could not use plants inside the room. This challenged us to occupy the space in a different way, concentrating on the discussion about Artificial Intelligence dependence on the pattern construction. The result was a all new conception of Botannica Tirannica installation, fruit of the dialogue and intellectual generosity of the long Zoom conversations with Faisal Anwar, curator, and Maham Chirag. An immersive space, to be visited with ear phones, with soundscapes composed by Gabriel Francisco Lemos, and a video-installation in dialogue with the image processing development, showing the steps of the machine learning which resulted in the five videos exhibited at the Karachi Biennale.

3rd Karachi Biennale

Curator: Faisal Anwar

Oct. 29 – Nov. 14, 2022

Botannica Tirannica. IVS – Indus Valley School of Art & Architecture

Karachi, Pakistan.

Support: Brazilian Embassy in Pakistan

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