Sep. 24 – Feb. 25.2024


GISELLE BEIGUELMAN is recognized for inventively investigating the intersection of art, technology, and society through reflections on contemporary issues that permeate her works. Delving into the realms of images and botany, the artist seeks the re-signification and redefinition of the essence of these visual elements and the language that surrounds them, understanding their role and impact on social dynamics. Her critical approach questions the legacy of colonialism and aesthetics that subjugated not only bodies, territories, and imaginaries but also nature itself.


In her research, the artist, who has already mapped hundreds of plant species subjected to derogatory naming, produces aesthetics that function as a counter-discourse to these hegemonic languages, resulting in a true decolonial garden—a post-nature generated with the use of Artificial Intelligence resources, used to cross various species endowed with prejudiced names, investigating and subverting taxonomies and algorithmic patterns that support the colonialist ideology projected onto data colonialism.

BOTANNICA TIRANNICA invites different social groups to enter the mirror of language to expand their perception of themselves, others, and their everyday and collective exclusion practices, focusing on resistant and resilient forms of life. Mobilizing natural and artificial creatures infiltrated in real and digital gardens, the works reveal the colonialist and re-conceptualizing dimension of scientific and popular nomenclatures and prove crucial for breaking imposed binaries, fixed identities, taxonomic forces, and domination and segregation policies.

Aline Ambrósio, Curator.

Botannica Tirannica – Sesc Taubaté

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