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Botannica Tirannica at Sesc Taubaté

Sep. 24 – Feb. 25.2024 THE TAXONOMY OF POWER GISELLE BEIGUELMAN is recognized for inventively investigating the intersection of art, technology, and society through reflections on contemporary issues that permeate her works. Delving into the realms of images and botany, the artist seeks the re-signification and redefinition of the essence of these visual elements and […]

Botannica Tirannica at Museo Sartorio (Trieste)

Apr. 7 – Oct. 08 2023. Museo Sartorio (Trieste) Botannica Tirannica Botannica Tirannica, è una mostra che spazia tra diversi media per indagare il rapporto tra la scienza egemonica, la botanica classica e l’immaginario colonialista storicamente presente nelle forme di dominio della natura. Utilizzando l’intelligenza artificiale per incrociare e abbinare varie specie con nomi dispregiativi, […]

Garden of Resilience

The Garden of Resilience is a garden composed of various species of plants, mostly “weeds”, with offensive, misogynist, racist and anti-Semitic names. Resilient and resistant, these species challenge the colonialist imagination present in the process of classification and domination of nature, in confrontation with nomenclature that anthropomorphizes human characteristics, gender binarism, and prejudices.


Every Weed is a Rebellious Being

If one had to sum up Botannica Tirannica in a single phrase, it would be: “Every weed is a rebellious being”. In summarizing the defiance and resilience in play in the exhibition, the phrase condenses the prerogatives of the project and the exhibition. Like the sorts of weed cursed by colonial extractivism, the phrase spills out […]

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